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Mohammad Nooredeen Abbas Abdel Ghany

Name Mohammad Nooredeen Abbas Abdel Ghany
University Chemical Industries Research Division National Research Centre
Country Egypt
Position Editorial board member


Prof. Abbas is a Professor of Anal. Chem.; He graduated at Cairo University with Special degree in Chemistry (Honor). He got his Ph.D. in Inorg. and Anal. Chem. from Eötvös Loránd Sci. Univ., Budapest. As Assoc. Prof. at NRC in Cairo, He was interested in Solid Phase Separations and Trace Analysis. However, since 1992 Prof. Abbas major interest was directed to the field of Electrochem. Sensors; where he established a Bio/Chemical Sensor Group. He has published more than sixty papers. He was the P.I and manager of several bilateral and international projects in the field of Sensor Technology with USA, France, Spain. Recently, He was the Egypt-director of the NATO SFP project “Novel Electrochemical Nano-Sensors for Toxic Ions Detection” and the European Commission project FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSE “SMARTCANCERSENS”, “Micro/ Nano sensors for early cancer warning system diagnostic and prognostic information”

Field of expertise: Electrochemistry, Bio/Chemical Sensors, Nanomaterials and Biomarkers.