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Mariia Andrianova

Name Mariia Andrianova
University National Research University of Electronic Technology
Country Russia
Position Editorial board member


I did my Specialist and PhD theses at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in the laboratory of ecobiocatalysis in the period of 2007-2013 years. My research was focused on degradation of organophosphorus toxic compounds and their decomposition products with the use of microorganisms and enzymes. During my work I have established the way of removal of toxic compounds from water and soils with high efficiency. The results of the research provided the basis for patent acquisition.Since Aug. 2013 I have been working as a researcher in the laboratory of integral biochemical nanosensors at the Scientific-Manufacturing Complex “Technological Center” MIET (based at the National Research University of Electronic Technology). The main activity of the laboratory is invention of biosensors, which combine the ion-sensitive field transistor as a physicochemical detector, microfluidic system for reagents delivery and bio-recognition component. Working as an independent researcher in close connection with scientific team I implemented new ideas in:

  • building-up experimental benches and conducting electrical measurements of biosensors
  • producing bio-recognition component - aptamers to the specified targets using the capture-selex approach

Projects I've worked on resulted in development of biosensors for nitroaromatic explosives (youth prize), organophosphorus pesticides, potassium iodide, l-carnitine and biosensors based on aptamers for low-weight molecules.