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Farid E. Ahmed

Name Farid E. Ahmed
University Institute for Research in Biotechnology, GEM Tox Labs
Country USA
Position Editorial board member


Farid E. Ahmed,Ph.D., male, molecular biologist, graduated from Biology Department, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt in 1965, with a B.S. in biology, then a master’s degree in immunology from the same university in 1969, then a doctoral degree in biophysics from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA in 1975. He did post-doctoral research work during 1975-1978 at Biology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, USA. He directed the research activities at the Department of Toxicology in Pharmacopathics Research Laboratories in Laurel, MD, USA in 1979-1984. He became a Program Director at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences during 1984 through 1994 where he directed important studies on various science policy issues. He was a Visiting Professor at the Department of Biochemistry, Duke University Medical Center during 1995 to 1979. Then he was a Clinical Professor of Molecular Oncology at East Carolina University Cancer Center from 1998 to 2007. Then he formed a research and development biotechnology and toxicology consulting company at 2008, and is directing it up until now. He is a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals, serves as an expert consultant to the world health organization of the United Nations, and has been elected as a “Fellow” at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in the USA in 2007.