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Maryam Hadizadeh

Name Maryam Hadizadeh
University University of Malaya
Country Malaysia
Position Editorial board member


Dr. Maryam holds a Ph.D. degree in Sports Biomechanics from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) with distinguished honours. She earned a Master’s degree in Sport Science (Sport Physiology) (Hons) and a Bachelor’s degree in physical education and Sports Science. She is currently working as a senior lecturer at Centre of sport and exercise science, University of Malaya. Dr. Maryam’s research activity has primarily focused on clinical biomechanics and movement analysis, with special emphasis on quantitative gait analysis of athletes with lower limb injuries w/o surgery and during rehabilitation program. She has also contributed to a research project in which dynamic gait analysis was used in analysing and assessment of functional outcome in patients with limb length discrepancy. Dr. Maryam is interested in other related projects investigating, clinical biomechanics of musculoskeletal conditions, balance and lower limb symmetry of different populations including osteoarthritis patients, elderly people at risk of falling and those before and after joint replacement surgery during rehabilitation or participation in modified sport exercises. In addition, knowledge in statistics, research design and research methodology have given Dr. Maryam the opportunity to be involved in experimental research outside the aforementioned scopes. At this stage of her academic career, Dr. Maryam is looking to develop her scientific competence by continuing working in a multidisciplinary environment and to expand her research area, including injury and return to play criteria, sport physiology and health.