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Aysegul Goze Sayin

Name Aysegul Goze Sayin
University Cumhuriyet University
Country Turkey
Position Editorial board member


Dr. Aysegul Goze Sayin (DDS, PhD, Prosthodontic Dentistry) was graduated from Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Dentistry with the degree of DDS, completed her Post-graduate Program in Prosthodontic Dentisty. Later she received her Ph.D degree in Prosthodontics from Cumhuriyet University, Sivas-Turkey. She received her DDS,PhD degree in 2015 August. Dr. Goze Saygin has worked as speacialist of prosthodontics since 2016 in the same University. Dr. Goze Saygin is working Prosthodontic Dentistry Department in Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Goze Saygin is reviewer and editorial board member, in some national and international journals. She is interested in preventive dentistry, laser applications, new generation dental materials, dental implant and application, regenerative treatment and alternative medicine.