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Vivek Kamath

Name Vivek Kamath
University Heal The World organization
Country India
Position Editorial board member


Vivek Kamath founder of the “Heal The World” organization. He is a Reiki Master, Mexican Healer, Melchizedek Healer, Crystal Healer and Past Life Regression Therapy Expert. He has healed many diabetic patients (Type1, Type2, Type 3/1.5/LADA) without any medicines. He has also healed Cancer – stage 4 patients, blood pressure (both high and low blood pressure), heart disease (removed the heart blockages), removed kidney stones, ovarian cysts, fibrosis of the breast, fatty liver, lungs disease, cured sinusitis, sever joint pain, lumbar L5 spinal disk pain, Sciatica pain, neck pain, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma,  migraines,headaches,insomnia,stomach related problem, IBS, diabetic gum problems, skin problems( dry skin, eczema) and chronic nasal allergies, nasal blockages without any medicines. Some of the above treatments have been completed within a week to maximum 1 month duration.  
Vivek Kamath is software engineer by profession and worked across the globe around 20 years mainly across the international banks as a freelancer. He worked in UK, Germany, Australia, USA, Singapore, Japan, India and Bahrain.