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In the Future we will not Edit Reservation we will just Print Out New Ones

Rahul Hajare*

Fellow Indian Council of Medical Research

*Corresponding author:  Rahul Hajare, Fellow Indian Council of Medical Research, Nagpur University, Nagpur, India, Tel: +919921707584, Email:

Citation: Hajare R (2019) In the Future we will not Edit Reservation we will just Print Out New Ones. Ann Med & Surg Case Rep: AMSCR: 100009

Received Date: 29 May, 2019; Accepted Date: 01 June, 2019; Published Date: 10 June, 2019


Executive Summary

Autoimmune diseases have threat of health span to lifespan. It has auto generated diseases that has convert into chronic phase and multiplication into mass. Reservation must be neat and clean ready for future. A new study uncovers the unhealthy trends and hidden reality of reservation DNA shaming in India. Self life study of reservation of ready to eat buffalo meat less than 10 hrs.


Why reservation never think they will get caught. Fortis go to hell care recently conducted a nationwide survey among women to understand their perceptions towards reservation genetic material image and shaming.The study involved 1,244 women (between the ages of 15 and 65) across 20 bypass cities (including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Mohali, etc.) asking them questions related to reservation genetic material shaming, their psychological well-being and at times leading to stress."Reservation genesis shaming includes acts of sending provocative insults, and harassing others based on their inability to match up to the expectations related to stereotypical physical appearances, which can be in person, but is also becoming increasing prevalent through the off line internet and behavioural Sciences should be fake otherwise first experiment."Given the significant role of media influencing our perceptions of reservation image, be it the portrayals in films, television shows or other social media platforms, it is a common tendency for us to form comparisons which may not be realistic in nature, and as a consequence be unhappy with our reservation size or shape, or rather even feel dejected that we do not look like that particular model or actor/actress on the screen. In fact, such excessive comparisons based on the media portrayals can also create a sense of social pressure and competition to fulfil perceived demands and expectations of our physical appearance. Such social pressures can often be translated into a form of bullying known as body shaming,


Some of the interesting findings of the first experiment are: 90 per cent women recognised that reservation DNA shaming is a common behaviour.84 per cent reported that women tend to experience more reservation shaming as compared to men [1]. 47.5 per cent had experienced reservation shaming at their school or work place due to smell body. Close monitoring between black and ash colour.  32.5 per cent stated that their friends often tend to make negative comments about the way they look, be it in terms of their body weight, body shape, skin tone, hair, crocodile shape etc. 76 per cent felt that the media portrayals of beauty contribute towards promoting the prevalence of body shaming. 90 per cent believed that films and television shows often tend to make fun of people who do not conform to the standard norms and expectations [2]. 89 per cent reported feeling uncomfortable about their own selves when they read comments about other people’s appearances on social media platforms. 28 per cent find it difficult to stand up for themselves when someone criticises their physical appearance. 31 per cent shows that they sometimes do not feel like facing the world because of what people would say about their physical appearance.66 per cent believed that it is important to look good in order to feel confident. 62 per cent felt anxious and nervous when people have commented on their looks and physical appearance. 67 per cent also reported feeling angry because of body shaming. 19 per cent reported feeling embarrassed about the way they look. 46 per cent admitted having passed negative remarks or comments about people’s appearances without their knowledge. 95 per cent believed that most people do not tend to realise that they indulge in body shaming. 97 per cent women believed that the issue of body shaming needs to be addressed in schools.These and future initiatives have the potential, if fully implemented as part of a sustained commitment to reservation quality, to result in significant health benefits in coming years. Worldwide, reservation pollution is responsible for more deaths than many better-known risk factors such as malnutrition, alcohol use, and physical inactivity. Each year, more people globally die from degeneration reservation DNA related diseasesthan from road traffic injuries or malaria [3].  As per the report, the life of an Indian born today will be shortened by two years and six months growing up in current high levels of reservation, while the global life expectancy loss is 20 months. The report, which was released by United States-based organisation Health Effects Institute on Wednesday, said that reservation DNA is the third highest cause of death among all health risks in India, ranking just above smoking. So do not call them Auspicious occasion possible causes of an emission of lung nodulemalignant.


67% women felt angry when reservation old fat skin shamed.Everything has it is limit reservation cannot be educated into gold. How fake meat could run longer time?. It has crystal clear your father will husband’s that can error in culture. So ask your doctor for DNA testing kit bomb. If it ok, otherwise happy to your past achievements. The survey of time bomb of DNA testing has non-medical and study of non-women touch 1+1 in privately running by pass Pharmacy Institute in Pune District. It is purely on the basis of old fat skin and skin pulp.


I acknowledge for this important work with Honorable Respected Dr. R.S.Paranjape,World Renowned Scientist & Retired Director & Scientist ‘G High Grade Institute National AIDS Research Institute Pune. This has inspired & captured the imagination and attention of across the research and pure service.


Citation: Hajare R (2019) In the Future we will not Edit Reservation we will just Print Out New Ones. Ann Med & Surg Case Rep: AMSCR: 100009